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these are the dreams we should be having.
listen with the night falling we are saying thank you

listen with the night falling we are saying thank you

we know a place where no cars go

we know a place where no cars go

On Illness, Belief, and Saying Yes

Though I still have hard days, and though I often feel sadness about what i can’t do and what i may never be able to do, the experience of living with an illness has in so many ways positively changed my relationship to my body.   During my first year of treatment on a particularly difficult day, I was having a conversation with Carolyn Suslovich, a mentor/therapist/teacher of mine who has been living with Lyme for the past 30 years.  Sobbing into my hoodie in her couch in Denver I said, “I hate my body.  And my body hates me. My body is my biggest enemy.”  With her usual kind-hearted patience Carolyn said, “I think I have the opposite experience.  When I feel really sick, I feel extremely aware of how hard my body is working, how hard it is fighting to keep me alive. On my worst days I feel so much love and gratitude for each and every cell of my body working to pull me through.”

well now it’s time for to sound your voice
and capture what you’re after
my ship was sold right up the river
but i’m not going down here
this journey isn’t over
it’s a long way to the house of Fitzcarraldo
and her last words were ‘i’m always thinking of you’
in my golden, olden days i was your saint

even the good stars can fall from grace and falter
like lapdogs that stride that mystery
and her last words were ‘i’ll see you down in history’
it’s the long, lonely way that we can grow

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Bon Iver


still alive who you love

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Love’s Plight, Josh Boston

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this forever

this forever

  • me: well, it's time to leave the house and go about my business today
  • bowels: hahahahaha
  • 91 degree heat: MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA